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I look forward to AI movies. Imagine having your script and concept of it being turned into a movie with CGI actors exactly the way you want it with no expenses for props, actors, ect.,.

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Thanks for sharing your process- “creating” is such a internal challenge to produce an external result, don’t you think? Your dissection of an author’s tasks vs a director’s was interesting and very methodical. It will be interesting to follow your path.

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honesty is the best policy.. haha ! Have you read ‘A Man With A Camera’ - Nestor Alemendros ? I assume so.. My efforts as multimedia artist include a subset - motion picture endeavors


at 72.. I see through a different lens than you.. or my son.. A motion picture editor , Dylan grew up in ‘my hypermedia world’ - literally ‘on set’ before he was born. We were creating the content of the ‘VidiWall’ for the Canadian Pavilion Expo 86 Vancouver - field accurate’ Editing - Mastered to 13 synchronized Unique Laser Discs & Underneath were nestled Interactive Communication Pods.. his mother was Head of Image Search & Aquisitions - I was just Assistant to The Director, John Watt - my 1st video project.. but had Shot & Printed all his Archival Imagery that helped secure him in the opportunity

We can talk / type preproduction - production - post-production - anytime..

I’m a lover of great ‘cinematic tales’ re ‘anything cinema or docu’ - especially fine editorial literature .. that ‘takes you there’ on location, storyboarding, dreaming, wardrobe solution, lighting or sound realities such as looping, dangerous shots, fatal docu tragedy.. inspiration 🦎🏴‍☠️

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perhaps you’ve noted the Feature Screenplay underway on my Site

Today I’ll add a 7th Document re ‘Turk’s Gambit..’

I’m ‘Writing It’ here within the substack app due to a confluence of Happenstance, Serendipity, MultiMedia Experience.. Confidence & Applied Effort & ‘Production Knowhow & Muscle’

.. Plus both - ‘because I can - & I really want to !’ - Sell this Screenplay by Creating the STORY

said another way.. Which is more likely at age 72 ?

I find a Publisher and/or an International Production Entity - via Querry Route

or a ‘Bird Dog in the biz’ finds me ? Right here hiding in plain sight ?

fyi - been there - done it - got the t-shirt.. and the TATOO ..

and ah shucks .. but I ain’t no ‘businessman/artist’ .. just ‘an idea guy’

Along with ‘my stuff’ there’s the diverse work of others hosted in my little ‘outpost’

Eclectic, Diverse Media.. even cyber or hypermedia .. a ‘moveable feast’ -creative riot

@ the meeting place of Culture & Technology ..

Directing Actors.. waving my hands on site & on scene.. the least of my concerns..

My writing & screen direction is designed for their freedom.. camera(s) & production & post post production teams.. not for my ‘control’ or dictates.. or dithering

As a shooter and/or DOP .. I can ‘write’ how that opportunity is enhanced.. dynamic

as Director I ensure ‘clean settings for talent to interpret, interact.. take over the scenario’

.. surprise me !

Also.. I want to ‘live where I write & shoot’ .. fame is irrelevant to me

Pay me for my Ideas - Stories - thanks ! .. Short Fiction or Docu - Feature Fiction Action Drama

or my Photographs, artefacts / found art .. new words & phrases - opinionations - suggestions

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This was a brilliant immersion into your process and the parallels of fields. I will come back to this piece especially if I try filming as a creative experimentation 💡

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Thank you for sharing a filmmaker’s insights on the filmmaker’s process. Although not a filmmaker, my husband has been a videographer in the business with his studio since the ’80s. Fortunately, he's a songwriter who has written all the wonderful music for my magic show.

I'm looking forward to your film. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! 🦃 ✨🙏🤗

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