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Turning Adam Nathan's Short Story into a Film

A Conversation

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of

‘s sharp and refined writing. I was recently struck after reading ‘Backgammon,’ one of his 100 Stories by the idea of turning it into a short film.

After reaching out to Adam, we decided to not only discuss a potential collaboration but also to document that journey.

In this video conversation, we get to know each other, delve into how 'Backgammon' and 'Box of Rain' might transform from page to screen, and even touch on the quirks of adapting short stories into film. There is also talk of short films, getting stuff done, and our respective careers.

I think this is only the beginning of this collaboration. Our goal is to turn Backgammon into a screenplay for a short and then hopefully get it made.

Through Substack, we plan to document our journey, and also our encounter.

We hope you enjoy the video. This is the first time that we attempt something like this, so we're genuinely eager to hear your thoughts on this new venture—be it the video format, our decidedly unique haircuts (or the absence thereof), or anything else that catches your eye!

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