I feel very much like dropping all my social accounts. And I don't even participate in that many. But it just feels exhausting right now. As for Substack, I see other writers seeming to enjoy it, and I wonder then if I'm doing something 'wrong' or if there's another way to do it that I'm not seeing. I'm trying to find 'my' way so that it can be sustainable and fun. Is that possible? I guess I'll find out. Your experience of taking the time to read more instead of bring on social media sounds delicious.

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I'm glad I found you on Substack. I joined so I could follow Joel Stein as I was crushed when his podcast was discontinued I have to be selective as I'm not getting any younger. I laughed out loud and thought a lot while reading your return to social media article.

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This is an inspiring piece. Well said, Remy.

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Ok, so I just read your piece all of the way to the end. Granted, I’m in Social Media Recovery so I read a tiny bit fast in places, but I stayed with you.

You will actually make friends here. Or it is possible in a way that I never experienced before online. I, too, went cold turkey on the misery of social media, but Substack was a different doorway for me and has been deeply gratifying.

If it hasn’t hit you yet, the level of talent here is through the roof. It has me questioning traditional publishing. You certainly don’t need to join me out on this limb, but you will find intellectual peers of goodwill here.

Caveat: it has the same dopamine trap, a situation I’m starting to struggle with.

Anyway, I’m subscribing to you now. Write funny, brilliant, educational things. Definitely make me laugh, and you might have something at least directionally in the way of kindred minds or friendship.

Be real. It will keep your dopamine at a satisfying buzz.

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"Yes, Substack is, I think, the core reason for my return from the land of the forgotten. I might be wrong but it occurred to me like a social media where contemplative long-form could exist. Where people like me could thrive and actually create things of interest rather than just wave at the world frantically. Well, we all need to wave a bit, for sure, and so will I, but in general, my goal is to hone my writing, to say things I believe in etc etc." ---- I see that RB is my "follower." Hello R Bazerque! I like film! I do hope you find some interesting things through "following" me. I will look over "Settings" and see if there is a list of "followers." I don't get it. But I just want to say that I do hope you find some good things on the Substack "newsletter" articles I write. Sometimes they are short and funny and those give me a little little life myself. Sometimes they are deep economic theory----not much more to say offhand here. Sometimes I express wonder or frustration at the world we now life in where government is totally disengaged with the lives of their own people I don't even KNOW the whole of what I write here on Substack. Having so many different kinds of writing is considered bad form, and no good way to get followers and subscribers. I have 39 subscribers. As said, I need to figure out where a list of "followers" is found. THANK YOU for subscribing--er 'following.' So confusing, eh?

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